Friday, March 21, 2008

50 and 10

Well, I realized yesterday that today A is 50! 50 months that is. And C is 10 months. Ahhh, time goes by so fast. I honestly stopped counting A in months ages ago but when I realized yesterday that she would be 50 I thought that was pretty cool.

I love the age 4. Honestly, all the ages have been fun for me but I am really loving when A does creative story telling. A few days ago I curled up in my bed hoping to have a few moments to myself when A joined me. She grabbed my Bible and started reading it to me. She told me all about the beginning and when there was Jesus and his Mommy and Daddy. And then she started telling me about the smiling penguin who was tall but no quite as tall as Jesus. Jesus took the penguin to meet his disciples and then they all got on the boat before meeting His parents. I just loved it! I am so glad I didn't get those few minutes away and was able to hear that it just made my week. Above is A dressed as Ro from Island Princess.

And here is big boy himself. He seems to be cutting even more teeth which amazes me b/c the girls were getting their first tooth at this age. He already has six choppers. And he has been walking quite well with his walker toy - just waiting for him to take those first steps. I think he is going to be like B and just run when he chooses to.

And a few days ago we had the "break" scare with B. She was playing at a friends house and apparently fell or jumped off the bed. Of course I wasn't in the room to see it and she was holding her right arm completely limp. I called the pediatrician and they said to have it x-rayed. Long story short - arm is completely fine and no break. Amazingly I have never broken a bone so I was really glad that she didn't either.

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