Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby E!

Well, this news is overdue on my blog but here it is anyway: we are expecting!  Baby E is due to arrive somewhere on or around October 8th of this year :)

Here is Baby E as of 7 weeks ago.  And let me tell you a lot has changed in that amount of time!!  That buldge on the bottom is the yolk sac (in case you are wondering like I was).  Apparently they (the doctors) like big yolk sacs.  I find out something new every pregnancy.

I will actually be having my second ultrasound in ~ 4 weeks so that will be fun to show a comparison.  And for those wondering, we are not going to find out the gender (just like with the first four!).

A, B & C are super excited!  There is much talk amongst them as to what the gender and name will be.  We have told D but I don't think she quite gets it yet but I know she will be a great big sister.  So there you have it, officially :)

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