Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Adventures with Flat Stanley


Are you familiar with the books, Flat Stanley?  My kids definitely are and right now we are hosting a visiting Flat Stanley from Ohio.  We are taking part in a Flat Stanley project where we get to host our very own Stanley.  So for the next month Stanley will be touring a little of Austin with us, I love this idea!

Here is Stanley (in A's hand) with us going out to eat at the Iguana Grill.

My burrito was huge, about the size of Stanley.

Stanley sat outside with us and enjoyed the live music.  Although it got dark pretty quick.  Here he is in front of the lake, the lake is depressingly low from the drought.

 And a typical, Stanley was here picture.
Stay tuned for more Adventures with Flat Stanley posts.


Michelle Brown said...

We got to help our cousin out with her Flat Stanley project. We were in Oklahoma, and he made appearances by a buffalo, some cannons on post, and near a tornado shelter sign. The whole family had fun taking the pictures and coming up with ideas.

Anonymous said...

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Adrianne said...

I CANNOT WAIT until my daughter is old enough for Flat Stanley!! I brought all the info home for my husband to see back when I was pregnant, I'm that excited. :)

Following you back from Happy Hour Projects. Happy Monday to you!!


Kat said...

I am your newest follower from Follow Us Monday Morning.

I was just going to do a post on our Adventures with Flat Stanley. I am sending him back to my nephew this morning after Stanley joined us for the weekend.

Hopefully he had as good a time with us as he seemed to have with you all.