Monday, November 7, 2011

Etsy Spotlight: Helen's Homemades

Look at these adorable earrings that Helen from Helen's Homemade Creations sent me.

 I put the earrings on a piece of felt so they would be more visible.  This photo does not do them justice but I think you get an idea of the design.

 They look great with white!  I received several compliments the first time I wore them :)

I love the colors: pink, purple and white.  The earrings have pink, purple and white bead clusters that hang down with a flower bell on fish hooks.  I really like the design, Helen's own creation.  These earrings are very versatile and go with a lot of color options - pretty much most of my wardrobe!  The other really nice thing is that they don't irritate my ears - a big plus in my book!

Check out a few of the other goodies in Helen's etsy shop

Cream faux pearl and blue beaded earrings

And not only are there other great earrings, she also makes phone charms!

I love this green and blue beaded phone charm.

In short, if you love etsy as much as I do, you really should check out Helen's shop.  Let me know what you find and while you are there add her to your favorite shops!  Oh, and did I mention she is super nice and has great communication - well she is and she does!  And everything is very reasonably priced.  You can also visit her facebook page here.  Not only does she have her own etsy shop but she has a blog you can follow as well.  Thanks Helen!!

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