Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Felt Christmas Tree!

I have seen this on at least 3 other blogs so I am not sure who to give credit to.  Just know that this is not my original idea but I love it as if it were!  I made a felt Christmas trees for the kids to play with.

 The only thing I had to purchase for this product was a large piece of green felt.  I folded it over and cut and angled line to make a large triangle.

Then I had some fun making some ornaments.

 Some of the ornaments on the tree.

What does D think?  I think she likes it!

D can decorate and undecorate it as often as she likes.  My children have not had problems messing with our "real" tree but I thought this would still be a fun, festive thing to have around.  And to my surprise, my other children like it too!

One of the beautiful things about this project (besides being super easy, less than 1 hour to create) is that felt sticks to felt allowing the kids to have hours of fun.

 And of course, sharing is good!

B having some fun too.

I am planning on making a few more ornaments and presents.  I love that it is already a hit!

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