Saturday, December 24, 2011

Our Ice Skating Adventures

A few night ago we went ice skating for the first time as a family.  It was A-D as well as David and I's first turn to ever put ice skates on our feet (E still has yet to go :)!  We have family visiting and it was so fun to go together.  Aunt Katelin has skated for over 10 years so it was really fun to watch her skate.

 Here is B, she did such a great job.  She told me that when she first got on the ice it was scary but she just kept telling herself that she could do it, and she did!

 Aunt Katelin & D

 Another view

 A skating across the rink

 C was reserved at first but he also did a great job.

 David & Uncle Allen

 I look like I am going to fall down - it was fun!

C in his skates

Thanks Uncle Allen & Aunt Katelin for the wonderful gift!  Enjoy the video below!

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