Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our First Break

Well, it happened.  One of my kiddos broke a bone.  B fell off her bike the other night (3/13 to be exact) and when we went in for x-rays yesterday afternoon it was determined that she has a supracandylar fracture of the distal left humerus, which is a fancy way of saying she broke her arm near her left elbow.  Our Science lessons have taken an unexpected turn into studying anatomy.  And if you know my kids they are very literal, I suppose breaking a bone during Spring Break falls into that :)

My trooper B

Right now she is in a splint and sling and she should be getting a cast today or tomorrow.  I give you one guess as to what color she will pick (my money is on pink!).  If you could keep my family in your prayers that would be much appreciated.  Along with B's break, D has been running an off and on fever now for 30 hours.  I am doing well but I need rest, who doesn't?

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Miss Sarah said...

Poor little thing! Praying for a quick healing! :)