Monday, June 11, 2012

Crawly the Butterfly

Remember when I told you that we had new pets here?  Well, Crawly did indeed become a butterfly and it was really fun to watch him grow and emerge.  Miranda sadly did not make it.  She did make a chrysalis but was never able to emerge as she should have.  Below are some photos of our experience.

 Getting our caterpillars

 These guys were born May 3rd.  This is the day they arrived at our house, May 14th - tiny little things.

 Crawly and Miranda on May 15th

May 21st, my how they have grown!

May 24th - Crawly was definitely eating more!

 Crawly completes his chrysalis on May 28th

Miranda is a few days behind him but finishes up on May 30th - notice they are different colors

We carefully move them to the habitat on June 3rd

 Crawly emerges the next morning!

After his wings dried, he was all over the place flying around.

We released him onto the flowers we just planted out front!

Bye Crawly - we will miss you :)


Casey said...

How fun! We have done the watching a catepillar to butterfly thing before. We actually had a butterfly garden thing where you get this big net thing and then you order the catepillars and they send you several and you put them in the net, feed them, and watch them turn into butterflies. My kids had so much fun and then loved watching them fly away. Sadly one was injured and that was hard on the kids because it couldn't fly away.

S. Franklin said...

What a cute project to do with kids. I'm terrified of bugs and worms. Caterpillars are ok--if I don't have to touch them. I'm good with handling butterflies. I know. I'm weird. :D

Corrinne of Pin & Tack said...

What a fun activity! Thank you for visiting my blog - It was so wonderful to have you stop by :)


Melissa said...

My daughter has been wanting to do this. I will have to check in to it.