Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Marathon Kids

This year A, B and C are participating in Marathon Kids.  This is our first year to join in on this fun fitness program.  What is it?  It is a six month endurance building running/walking, nutrition program for K-5th graders and their families.  I love that they let homeschools participate!  At the end of the program our kids will have run a Marathon (or possibly more!).

We had the kick off 1/4 mile last Saturday.  And despite the rain, our whole family made it out and ran the 1/4 mile together.  It was fun getting to run on the UT track.  Of course A, B, and C were way ahead of us.  I carried E most of the way - she did get to cross the finish and David helped D.

I am hoping that this will also help me increase my own personal fitness goals as well.  So, are you doing anything special to stay fit?

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