Friday, November 9, 2012

Easy Access Bandages - Review

Have you heard of easy access bandages?  Easy Access Bandages are the latest innovative product to make life easier from TenderCorporation.  I must say that they are pretty ingenious and I am definitely on board with using them!

The bandages are packaged in such a way that they create a fan, when you pull slightly on the top of an individual bandage wrapper it easily releases the sterile bandage and is ready to be applied - with one hand!  See what I mean about ingenious :). 

The bright orange box

Where can these be found?  They are now available nationwide in a bright orange box at Walmart.  The Easy Access Bandages packages at Walmart features 30 fabric bandages and sells for only $2.97.  Each box contains two portable packs of 15 bandages that can be conveniently tucked in your pocket, purse, briefcase, first aid kit or numerous other places for quick and easy retrieval - one pack for my and one for hubby.  The bandages are latex free and 1 inch by 3 inches in size., this revolutionary product was designed for people who have other things to do besides fishing through a tiny box, purse or backpack for a bandage, then have trouble opening it, and afterwards hold a handful of torn up wrapper to dispose of.  In other words, Easy Access Bandages were designed for all of us, although Tender Corporation officials really believe this revolutionary new product will resonate with America’s busy moms.  And as a busy mom, I love them!

D had a minor collision with a toy the other day.  Yes, it happens around here!
All better :)

Additional Easy Access Bandages options in both fabric and plastic and an array of sizes will be available in the spring of 2013 at additional retailers nationwide - be on the lookout for them!

To learn more about these innovative bandages check out their website here or you can follow them on facebook here

Disclosure: I received a sample of Easy Access Bandages to facilitate my review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.


Tracy said...

This sounds like a great new version of an old product. I would love to try them out sometime.

Raising Reagan said...

Pretty cool. Reagan is addicted to BandAids..she makes up injuries to wear them.
She's two ~ I really hope this doesn't last :)

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Keep up the good work Mama!


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