Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day!  It has always been a fun day for me as I am Irish and my favorite color is green - woohoo.  Take a look at our breakfast this morning.

Our rainbow fruit tray complete with marshmallow cloud and pot of gold!

The kids all wore fun green shirts.  I realize now that I do not really have a great picture of all of them.

 Here is E asleep for the night.

Notice the chocolate drippings on her shirt.  Yes, a fun day was had.

 And D's shirt had googly eyes - super fun!

Whatever you did today, I hope you had fun and wore green :).


Darla @ Moms World said...

Super cute! Following back, and Happy St. Patrick's Day! ;)

Alaina Bullock said...

Love this post! Too cute! Thanks for the follow! Followed back!
Alaina of Bullock's Buzz

Veronica Lee said...

Glad you had a fun day! Love the pics!

andrea said...

thanks for the follow! LOVE the rainbow fruit tray!!

Cole Nemeth said...

I love that rainbow fruit tray! It looks so delicious :)