Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sampling with Lunchables Jr. & Crowdtap

It has been awhile since I have been part of a sampling opportunity with crowdtap.  I was asked to try out the new Lunchables Jr. snacks.  They are designed to be convenient, wholesome and fun!  We have been trying to get together with different friends for awhile but sicknesses (thankfully we have been super healthy but this hasn't been the case with most of our friends) and allergies (a good friend of D's has peanut allergies) have made that more complicated than it should be.  So the kids and I decided to have a snack sampling of our own.

 These are the two varieties that we were given to try: Ants on a Log and Very Beary Crunch.

Here is a side view of Ants on a Log - includes small container of peanut butter, raisins and honey graham sticks.

E is ready to try Very Beary Crunch: Ritz Bitz cheese cracker sandwiches, strawberry flavored dried apple pieces, and Teddy Grahams.

And we had fun playing a few games!

Of course, we made ants on a log!

D enjoying her snack time.

A Happy Snacker

Most of all, the kids enjoyed their snack.  All five kids enjoyed both of these snacks and it was interesting to see which they preferred.  A and B liked both but enjoyed Ants on a Log slightly more (they didn't really like the dried fruit).  C and E liked both but preferred the Very Beary Crunch (they didn't really like the dried fruit either though).  D gobbled up both but hands down preferred the Very Beary Crunch - she could not get enough of the strawberry flavored dried apple pieces (good to know!).  I am looking forward to trying the other varieties - Teddy Bear Picnic and Blueberry Bonanza. 

These snacks are geared for kiddos 3 and older and they are available in over 4,000 Walmart stores nationwide.  I like that the packaging is recyclable but I do wonder if there is a more efficient way to pack these snacks without using so much plastic.  And I wish that all the varieties were friendlier for kids with allergies.  I am so thankful that my kids do not have any allergies (and we can enjoy them without concern)  but unfortunately this is not the case for everyone.

Have your kiddos tried the new Lunchables Jr.?  If so, what did you/they think?

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