Sunday, October 20, 2013

Moshi Monsters Review & Giveaway

Have you heard of Moshi Monsters?  Moshi Monsters is a whole world of fun, educational, and safe games and toys for children.  At kids can adopt a customized monster and take care of it.

 Options of Monsters to Choose From

The kids choosing their monster and customizing it.

Daily your monster can complete a series of puzzles that test a variety of concepts from vocabulary, arithmetic, logic and spatial skills.  The difficulty calibrates daily so puzzles get harder or easier depending on how your child is doing.  I think that Moshi Monsters is more entertaining than educational but I love that it has educational concepts weaved into it.  By solving puzzles and playing games, kids earn Rox (virtual money - the currency in Monstro City).  They can then in turn spend their Rox in on-line stores creating an inventory for their pet monster.

A, B and C checking on their pet

There are numerous ways to interact on - the main ways are by playing games, taking care of your monster and creating your own virtual world.  This site is also an introduction to on-line social networking.  My children do not have experience with this and we haven't done a lot of this on - you can make friends, request friends, etc.  We have used it more for entertainment and education than the social aspects that are there but I wanted you to know that element exists.  And I feel that it is never to early to discuss Internet safety with your children!

Our new plush, Iggy

This virtual world is coming to life with a new set of toys - Moshling Collectible Figures.  You can collect and trade them as you wish.  These Moshling Collectible Figures start at $2.99 and are available at select Justice and Build a Bear stores near you.

We received a Moshi Monsters Super Fan Pack.

Inside our pack!

This pack is full of surprises.  It includes a 3-month membership to the Moshi Monsters on-line games, collectible trading cards, friendship cards, Moshi stickers, Mini Moshi Monsters magazine, a soft Iggy plush and a surprise collectible Moshling figure - we received the penguin, Peppy.  Keep reading for a chance to win a Super Fan Pack of your own.

To sign up for a FREE on-line account and adopt your own pet monster go here and be sure to check out the Moshling collection next time you are at Justice or Build a Bear!

Ready for a giveaway?  One of you will win a Super Fan Pack of your own.  Just enter below and good luck!

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Disclosure:  Thanks so much to Moshi Monsters for sending me a Moshi Monsters Super Fan Pack to facilitate my review and providing one for this giveaway.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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It would be for my son!

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I would love to win it for my grandson.