Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall Festivals and Fun

Halloween 2013

We had a few superheroes and princesses this year!  A was a Peacock Princess, B was Super Girl, C was Captain America, D was Wonder Woman and E was a Pink Princess.  Throughout the week we were able to attend a few Fall Festivals and we went to our first ever Trunk or Treat (no photos from that event though).  Our friends down the street were staying home so we dropped off some of our candy for them to hand out!

Scripture Candy!
The kids had a great time in the petting zoo.  There were 13 bunnies, goats, ducks, baby pigs (11 days old), chickens and lots of chicks. 

 C feeding a goat.

 D loved feeding the animals.

 E's favorite were the bunnies!

 A, B and C in the zoo

A and B were old enough to ride the go karts.  C really wanted to ride but he will have to wait another year.

 A going around the track.

 And B

The older girls and David also went rock climbing.  I was playing basketball with the other kids so this is the only photo I was able to take.  

 B in the middle of the wall

This festival had mechanical animals - horses, zebras, tigers in a few different sizes.  You bounce your body up and down which propels the animal forward.  The kids loved them!

 Here is C on a small tiger

And E on a zebra.

There was also a carnival swing.  These are the rides I loved as a kid but now make me nauseated just to watch them. C rode it first and then B joined him for a second go around.

C getting ready for the swings to take off.

 D playing the golf game.

We had a great week and I am so thankful for all the surrounding churches who had various events and festivals for families to come to and have fun.  They really did a great job and our family was truly blessed.  Here's to a great November :).

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