Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wholesale Party Supplies Ocean Party Decoration Kit Review

Have you heard of Wholesale Party Supplies?  They have tons of decorations, decoration kits, supplies, favors - anything you might need for a party!  I recently had the opportunity to choose an item of my choice for review.  I chose the Ocean Party Decoration Kit to use at the girls Mermaid party.

My Decoration Kit included 4 honeycomb centerpieces (turtle, seahorse, crab and clown fish), 10 dark blue balloons, 10 light blue balloons, light blue curling ribbons, 12 swirl hangers, polka dot confetti and 4 wall decorations (turtle, oyster with pearl, octopus, and shark).

I used this kit to compliment our Mermaid theme party and I think it did that very well!  Let me show you.

My Water Wall

I used dark blue and light blue streamers to create a water wall.  Then I used the balloons in my kit at the top of the wall, alternating colors along the way.  I hung the pink octopus and then attached the oyster and pearl below it for a fun effect.

I displayed the turtle over a net on one of my walls.

I used the curling ribbon to attach these fun party circles to the silverware.

Setting up the swirl hangers

Coming into our home

I love the way these turned out.  The swirl hangers are such a simple item and yet they have a huge effect.  Easy to unwind and easy to hang - great addition.

 Seahorse honeycomb

My favorite items in this kit were the four honeycomb centerpieces.  They are a nice small size and the honeycombs were easy to unwrap.  I thought they looked super cute set up on my tables and fireplace - nice accents here and there.  You could also use them as a collection to make a larger centerpiece if desired.

In summary, I had a great time using all the pieces in my kit in creative ways.  I think these items will work for a number of different themes making this kit very flexible.  I plan on saving my items for future parties as well!  Great kit for an unbeatable price.

Disclosure:  I was blessed to receive the Ocean Party Decoration Kit for review.  All opinions expressed are 100% mine.


Erinn Sluka said...

What a fun party theme for a cold fall day! Love it!

Kassondra Coxson said...

I had never heard of Wholesale Party Supplies before. I'll definitely check them out in the future. Thanks for sharing!

Wood Arts Universe said...

We do lots of parties but didn't know about wholesale supplies before.. will check it out..
Thanks for sharing

MotherhoodLooms said...

That's some seriously creative decorating! And wholesale? Awesome.

Lisa said...

You Did A Great Job LOVE The Silverware, Must Try, Thanks For Sharing!