Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Zingo! Time Telling Game Review

Have you heard of Zingo! Time-telling by ThinkFun?  It is a fun way to learn how to read a clock.  It is geared for ages 5 and up and specifically targeted for grades K-3rd.  Since D is in K, C is in 2nd and B is in 3rd this has been a great addition to our game closet (and homeschool material as well).

This game includes two-sided cards (the green side is for younger players and the red side is for more advanced play), a Zinger and hour and minute tiles.

In this photo you can see the red Zinger and part of a playing card.  

If you notice the green cards have the hours and minutes numbers provided for you below the clock faces.  The red cards do not have these numbers provided for you making it a more challenging game.  Thus there are two levels of play.  The beginner level helps younger players get familiar with the concept of time and an Advanced level helps older players have more complex challenges.

How to play:  Decide what level you will be playing on and pass out the cards.  Younger players could use the green sided cards while older players use the red sided cards in the same game if desired.  Pick one person to control the Zinger (or you can take turns throughout the game).  I find it easier to have one person in charge each game.  You slide the Zinger to reveal two tiles, the hours and minutes like a digital clock.  The first player to call out the tile they need gets it.  Players look for matches on their cards that show an analog clock with the hour and minute hands.  As children match tiles and cards, it increases their understanding of telling time in both analog and digital formats.  When clocks are complete, the player yells Zingo!  similarly to Bingo.

Hands flying

I was surprised to see my kids so competitive in this game!  It was really fun to watch them try and be the first to win.  However, there was also a nice balance of the older kids helping the younger ones when they weren't sure what to do.

 If no one needs the hour or minute tile in play in goes back into the Zinger via a slot on the top.

A completed card - winner!

B won this round.

I think this is a really fun way to help teach children time and improve their time telling skills.  My kids really enjoyed it and we will definitely continue to use this game in the future.

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Janet W. said...

This would be a great way to learn and teach time to my grandsons!