Friday, October 17, 2014

A Tribute to My Cousin Brigid

My beautiful cousin, Brigid Anna, on her wedding day.

Two weeks ago today, I lost my cousin, Brigid.  She was young, bright and beautiful.  And although she had MS for over half of her life it was a shock.  I have so many memories of us as children.  We were the two redhead cousins and we could make some mischief.  In the summer, we would swim in the pool so much we practically looked liked raisins when we came out.  And then we would stay up way too late watching Nick at Nite reruns.  Of course we would sing the Patty Duke Show's song - Cousins, Identical Cousins! 

You don't expect to lose loved ones that are younger than you.  While Brigid was only here on this Earth for 32 years, she touched so many.  My life will forever be changed because of her.  I laugh more, I appreciate my blessings and I look at peonies with wonder.  You see, Peony, was Brigid's nickname.

If there is anything that I have learned from loss it is that time is so short and faith is so important!  I have no doubt that my cousin is in heaven with God, her Mom and so many other loved ones.

If I have been a little out of sorts the last few weeks I apologize.  Uncle Billy and Mike - Brigid was a treasure and she will be missed.


Mama Fennel said...

What an awful tragedy. I'm sorry for your loss, but at least you had 32 years to make wonderful memories.

Carrie OConnor said...

Sorry for your loss, sounds like you two had a wonderful childhood.

Stephanie Cox said...

So very sorry for you lose. I know that words can only do so much but you know that she is healthy, pain free and full of life where she is now. Thoughts and prayers with you!

Terumi said...

Such beautiful memories-thank you for sharing and so sorry you lost such a special person in your life.