Monday, December 15, 2014

The Happy's Interactive Motorized Plush Pet Review #TheHappys

Have you heard of The Happy's?  The Happy's is one of the amazing lines from Cepia, the makers of ZhuZhu Pets!  The Happy's are an adorable, life-like line of interactive motorized plush pets.  They do tricks for Happy Treats, race after their Chase and Play ball, and really play and interact with you.  Just like the real deal, The Happy's love to spin, sit, pounce and play.  The new, brightly colored Happy's are in store right now and would be a fun gift for kids this Holiday season.

 The kids were so excited to receive The Happy's package!

 We received Lady, a super cute, bright pink cat.  Lady comes with one Happy Treat. 

Lady's Happy Treat, Pounce

 Our Chase and Play Ball

Each The Happy's plush pet comes with an Interactive Happy's Treat.  The Interactive Happy's Treat is a hand-held remote that allows the pet to come to you and do a trick like sitting up, dance, follow, spin, pounce, etc.  You push the button on Lady's back to get her started.  She likes to spin and travels around the room faster than you would think!  Our house is almost entirely wood flooring which is perfect for The Happy's.  It is amazing how fast and far lady can get in such a short amount of time.  When we push her Happy's Treat she immediately comes.

 Pushing The Happy's Treat

Lady pouncing

Then we turned on Lady's ball.  She immediately found the ball from across the room and began spinning around it.  The kids love the way she plays with her ball.

Lady heading to her ball.

Lady is spinning around her ball in this photo.

D and E having a great time with Lady.

All of our kids have enjoyed playing with Lady and her ball.  They enjoy her life-like qualities and just think she is fun and entertaining.  If you have animal lovers at home you might want to try out The Happy's!  They would make a fun and unique gift.

Disclosure:  We were chosen to receive a very happy package including a new The Happy's pet, interactive treat and chase and play ball through MomSelect.  Thanks so much to MomSelect and Cepia for allowing us this opportunity.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.


Nadine Renee Naturals said...

Nice! Cute toy to keep em busy!

An Ordinary Housewife said...

I have not heard of these, but they look like they'd be lots of fun for little kids!

Amanda McMahon said...

Super cute! I'm sure both my kids would love this!

msvirgogrl said...

How cute! Glad to see your kids are happy with them.

Terumi said...

I would have loved this as a kid-looks like a fun toy

Earl-Leigh said...

I want one! My daughter would get a kick out of this and I'm sure our dog would too lol