Monday, January 12, 2015

Baby F's 1st Birthday Bouncy Ball Bash

Baby F when we opened the balls.

I cannot believe it but Baby F is officially 1 and he has been for over a week now!  Eight days ago my baby had his birthday.  We chose to have a bouncy ball party.  It was simple and so much fun - perfect for a 1 year old.

 Hanging bouncy balls was easy and had a great effect

Party Wall - The top paper reads Happy Birthday while the bottom more dominant paper is packed full of bouncy balls.

We purchased colorful balls that you would use for a ball pit only we didn't bother having the pit.  We hung some of the balls from the ceiling using string and push pins as decoration and had the balls available in buckets on the floor for children to play with.  I also found some fun wrapping paper and wrapped what is now known as our party wall for added decor. 

David made the cake as if the blue ball bounced off the cake, fun right?

Ball Cake from another view

The white cake was served to everyone and Baby F was given the blue ball as his smash cake.  It was funny to watch him because he really didn't know what to do.  And he was sad until we gave him a fork!

Baby F getting his cake.

Yay, a fork!


First cake ever...

Finished cake, pretty smashed!

If you are looking for a fun party idea for a 1 year old you might want to consider bouncy balls!  Happy, Happy Birthday F - we love you :).

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