Thursday, December 31, 2015

Lalaloopsy Birthday Party

Lalaloopsy Deluxe Kit

December is always a bit of a whirlwind for me.  So much to celebrate and such a fun time of year.  B and D had a joint Lalaloopsy Sewing Birthday party this year and it was "sew" much fun!

Our Kit

I was sent the Lalaloopsy Deluxe Party Kit from Wholesale Party Supplies.  This was the perfect kit for our party because it had the basics that we needed: 16 themed napkins, 8 themed plates, 8 themed 9oz cups, set of 8 forks/spoons/knives, one set of candles, 2 sets of streamers (pink and blue) and 1 themed table cloth.

The napkins had Crumbs Sugar Cookie and her pet Mouse.  D wanted this for her cake so David matched the napkins.

 The girls each had their own cake!  D had Crumbs and mouse and B had a needle and a button to make the number 10!

 The cakes!  We used the streamers all around the house.

 Here is a close up of B's cake with the candles that came in our kit.  They were very sturdy and a little thicker than a normal candle.

 We used the cups provided in our kit to hold cutlery and straws for the party.

Fun party straws.

 A close-up of the party plates.  These plates were such a generous size I used them as food holders for the party table.  One plate had cheese and crackers, another had blueberries, etc.

 I didn't get a photo of the table with the food spread ready :(.  Here is a photo though so that you can see the tablecloth.  It did a great job adding to the theme atmosphere.

Here is an example of Mouse and Persian Cat.

For our craft guests could choose between sewing Mouse, Persian Cat or a Bird Lalaloopsy pet.  I am hoping to upload a video and make another post specifically about our craft - stay tuned.  If you are in need of a cute party idea Lalaloopsy is a fun way to go and Wholesale Party Supplies has lots of variety to help make your party the best!

Disclosure:  I was blessed to receive the Lalaloopsy Deluxe Kit for review.  All opinions expressed are 100% mine.

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