Friday, August 12, 2016

Baby G is Here

It's A Boy!

Baby G is here! We went in for a c-section in the wee hours of the morning on August 3rd due to baby G being breech. However, 10 min before surgery the baby flipped so our c-section turned into an induction. We had a boy!! Grant Garrett Radley Cummins was 9lbs 3 oz and 21 inches long at birth, born at 6:06pm.

 The last picture of me before delivery.

 Instant love...

 All the kids

Our boys - C and F were super excited we had a boy!

 Snuggle Baby

 The Little Brother

 Grandma and G

I cannot believe Grant is over a week old, 9 days today!  It has been a crazy time.  After we came home from the hospital G's bili level was a bit high so we had to use a biliblanket at home, which made him look like a glowworm.  Thankfully less than 24 hours after using the special blanket his levels were down and all was good again.

 Getting comfy with the biliblanket

 Glowworm G


Elena said...

such a cute baby! congrats!

Julie Wood said...

How exciting! You have a very healthy baby boy and he is so cute! Your kids are adorable. You sure are a good Mom! I admire you. I just found your blog today.

Kathryn said...

Thanks Ladies!

LauraJJ said...

Oh he is so precious! I love the name Grant! Such beautiful children! I have a hard time some days keeping up with one! :)