Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Swim with Dolphins at SeaWorld San Antonio

Kissing Brady

Guess what?  I recently fulfilled a lifelong dream.  I was able to swim with a dolphin, so fun!  I was invited to take part in a Dolphin Interaction at Discovery Point in SeaWorld San Antonio.  After changing into a wetsuit and while accompanied by a trainer, a small group of us waded into the shallows of Dolphin Lagoon (at Discovery Point) and met Brady, a 17 year old bottle nose dolphin who couldn't have been sweeter.  There were several other dolphins there but I spent all my time with Brady.

 Taking a ride with Brady!

We were able to give him kisses, rubdowns, and even go for a short swim.  It was so fun to be so close to such a beautiful animal and learn about him. 

Learning some of the commands and having fun with Brady

Oh, and we got a little wet!

SeaWorld San Antonio has several interaction experiences available including the Dolphin Encounter, Beluga Encounter and the Sea Lion Encounter.  Interested in booking an Interaction at SeaWorld San Antonio?  Check out the link below for Blue Friday savings and make sure to come back on Thursday for even more savings.  These hands-on-experiences make great gifts as well.  Make someone happy and give an experience this holiday season.

SeaWorld's Blue Friday Sale Sneak Peek

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