Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Fun Was With Us


This post has been a long time coming!  It all started back in May in a little hospital room in San Antonio.  We were just learning of the extensiveness and long term duration of burn care.  I was totally clueless before the girls' accident.  We learned what compression garments were and that A would be in them for at least a year.  David had a great idea to cheer her up.  A could be Rey for Halloween as she has the arm cover ups.  A was all for it and the plan began.  Our whole family would be Star Wars.  And so, I present my Star Wars family to you.

My DIY R2D2 Costume

I actually made Baby G's costume.  You guys know that I love felt.  I simply started with a white baby onesie, blue/gray/black/white felt and went from there.

 Baby G as R2D2

He loves his Hallmark itty bitty.

F was BB8.

I love that the younger boys were the droids.

Miss E was a charming Princess Leia.

She left her wig on all night!

D was the spunky one on the dark side of the force.

Storm Trooper D

C was Luke.  I found this awesome Jedi cloak on Etsy byC3design and it is perfect.  The sleeves and hood are spot on for a Jedi.

And of course he loves his lightsaber.

B was an awesome rebel fighter.  I love the orange color on her.

A closer view.

 And the star, A as Rey!  I cannot believe A is already 5'3" and can wear my UGG boots, which were perfect for her costume.

 David made her staff and he did such a great job.

 Another view.

I was the Millennium Falcon.  

I tried to order earrings off Amazon but the company kept sending me the wrong ones.  And then I found a super awesome hair clip on Etsy but it didn't arrive in time, it was sent late.  My shirt was suppose to glow-in-the-dark but it did not.  And yet, it worked!

And David as Qui-Gon.

I bought the blue and green lightsabers from the Disney Store and they are awesome.  I love the realistic sound effects, lights and how they can be used in a battle together.  Kuddos Disney!

The kids at the festival.  Baby G is asleep in his stroller.

We had a ton of fun.  This was a super fun promise to see fulfilled.  A continues to do well on her burn recovery.  We are still taking it day by day.  We were set back a bit as far as daily care when she broke her left wrist a few weeks ago at youth group.  However, one huge blessing is that the hypertrophic areas under her cast are becoming super flat!  That is a consistent prayer of ours for all her burns.  That's it for now.  May the Force Be With You!

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