Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Merry Christmas Week

I bought the kids coordinating Christmas pajamas!

Merry, merry Christmas week!  I hope you had a fabulous Christmas.  I had such a good time with David and the kids.  It was so fun to celebrate and spend the day together.

Our socks Christmas Eve

We hung up our socks on Christmas Eve.  We went to visit David's grandma.  I loved watching the kids wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  Then we attended a candle light Christmas Eve service at our church.  David, A and I all got to be readers and that was really fun.  Then we drove around and looked at Christmas lights in our pajamas - a fun family tradition!

David, Grandma and the kids

 Great Grandma's Tree

The kids were so excited to see their socks Christmas morning!  And I am pretty sure we cannot fit anymore on this mantel.

 Filled Socks - what a difference!

A and B made our birthday cake for Jesus this year!

These are just a few highlights into our Christmas this year.  Hope you had a great one!


Lori said...

looks like you had a grand Christmas. Woohoo. Love the cake. I would make a lamb cake for Christmas. When my daughter and son got old enough to want to help in the kitchen, they helped. It helps them own what it is all about. Happy New Year

John Smith said...

What a great bunch of xmas stockings on the mantlepiece!

Lisa Queen said...

Ya'll had an awesome Christmas! I love the coordinating pj's. I know there is a lot of fun and love in your house! Happy New Year!