Monday, April 10, 2017

Goodbye Grandma/Great Grandma

Mary Lou Cummins

David's beloved grandma and great grandma to our kids passed away a few days ago at the age of 93.  We loved her a lot, and she loved us.  She was one of those people that just radiated joy and her smile lit up the room.  You just couldn't help but be happy when you were around her.  She suffered a stroke a few years before David and I were married at the age of 74.  I actually had only met grandma once pre-stroke.  She wasn't expected to make it and she did.  Her life changed a lot.  She wasn't able to walk or talk much and had to find creative ways to communicate.  I am so glad our kids had a chance to meet her and get to know her and vice versa.  I wouldn't trade that.  As I hug my kids a little tighter and think back on many, many wonderful memories with grandma I ask you to do something in her honor - Be Happy, Choose Joy - that was something that grandma was a master at. 

Great Grandma with Baby A October 2004

 Great Grandma at A's 1st birthday

 Great Grandma Celebrating Cousin Jack's wedding October 2005

Great Grandma holding B after she was born!

 Mumma's Birthday 2005

Visiting with Great Grandma August 2006

Same visit with David and A

Great Grandma at B's Dedication October 2006

Great Grandma at B's 1st birthday

Great Grandma and Baby C December 2007

 Visiting with Great Grandma October 2008

 Same visit with B and C

Great Grandma's Birthday 2009

 Valentine's Visit 2010

Fun socks!

Great Grandma's Birthday 2011

 Baby E and Great Grandma March 2012

 Great Grandma signing B's cast

Great Grandma and Family October 2013

 Great Grandma and Baby F May 2014

 December 2016 with Great Grandma

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