Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy 10th Birthday C!

10 Today!

My oldest son turns 10 today, double digits!  It has been amazing to watch this boy grow and mature.  In honor of his 10th birthday I have decided to share with you 10 things that C enjoys.

In no particular order:

1.  Baseball!  C loves to watch baseball, he loves to play baseball - if you mention the word baseball you immediately get his attention.

 C and David - Go Giants!

 C's team being silly after the last game of the season.

2.  Pez.  C has over 48 Pez dispensers; he loves collecting them.  He even made a list so I would know which ones he has as he has a few duplicates.

3.  Star Wars.  Anything Star Wars and C is a fan.  He has seen all the movies and of course has a Jedi robe complete with light saber.

 C in his Halloween costume last year.

4.  Legos.  I think most 10 year old boys enjoy Legos and C is no exception.

5.  Rockets.  C enjoys it when he and David go to an open field and set off his rockets.  It is not uncommon for him to get a few rocket motors in his Christmas sock.

6.  Math.  I'm not sure if he would say it is his favorite subject but Math comes easily to him and he really enjoys it.  Actually, I do think he would say it's his favorite.

7.  Gum.  I don't think he can blow bubbles with it yet but he likes chewing gum, especially while playing baseball.  I think Hubba Bubba, Big League Chew and Juicy Fruit are his favorite flavors.

8.  Nerf Guns and Battles.  C loves having Nerf gun fights and battles around the house.  A Nerf Gun facility just opened up around the corner from us and I will probably take him sometime because I think he will really like it.

9.  Games.  C enjoys cards, crossword puzzles, Monopoly - most games actually.

10.  His brothers!  I remember when F was born and David told C that he had a brother.  He didn't really believe it until he came to the hospital and saw the blue ribbon on the door.  He was in heaven.  And now he has G too.  Despite the age difference, C loves them so.

 The boys right after G was born.

The boys at the park.

Happy Birthday C.  I look forward to celebrating with you tonight and at your party this weekend.

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