Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Back to School with Boogie Boards

As I homeschool all of my children at the moment, I have been in the thick of planning this year's school curriculum.  I have also been purchasing school supplies and manipulatives that I plan on incorporating into our school year.  This leads me to share my love of Boogie Boards with you!  Boogie Boards come in all different sizes and they work perfectly for a multitude of ages and subject levels.

Our Preschool Boogie Boards, Play n' Trace

Last year I had the privilege of planning the preschool program for our weekly homeschool co-op.  I created a blend of Before Five In a Row curriculum mixed with crafts and play time.  Boogie Boards were integral to our preschool class, specifically the Play n' Trace Boogie Board!  We used them to practice drawing, learn letters and names, and just for plain fun.

If you are not familiar with Boogie Boards let me fill you in on what they are.  Boogie Boards are eWriters that eliminate the need for paper, scratch pads and sticky notes.  You simply write and erase with the touch of a button.  The durable, ultra-lightweight LCD writing screen is built to feel just like writing with pen and paper.  Just think of all the paper clutter that is eliminated!  Now the Play n' Trace translucent writing surface is designed into an artist's pallet for a reason!  It's comfortable for all sizes of hands and the design allows kids to write, trace and draw anywhere, anything - over and over.  And as many of us know, when kids write, they learn.  What an addition to a school curriculum!

Tracing ears

When we studied the five senses and hearing we used our Play n' Trace Boogie Boards to trace ears.

Drawing an ear

First, we practiced tracing the ears.

Then we practiced drawing the ears on our boards without tracing.

E's ear

The kids enjoyed tracing their hands when we discussed the sense of touch as well.

The Play n' Trace Boogie Boards are great for so many things.  We used them throughout the year to trace and draw and to learn and trace our letters and numbers.

Here we are drawing carrots after reading The Carrot Seed.

Drawing Carrots

E's carrot

Practicing letters

Writing C's and drawing cats

Writing C's

They did such a great job.

Showing off his cat!

As you can see the Play n' Trace Boogie Boards are amazing tools to have within your school curriculum.  I love that they can be incorporated into a multitude of lessons and topics and a wide age range as well.  They are extremely portable and great for on the go learning as well.  Stay tuned for additional posts and uses with our Play n' Trace Boogie Boards.  And you can purchase one here!

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