Thursday, December 14, 2017

B and D's Disney Themed Birthday Party

We celebrated D's 8th and B's 12th Birthdays last weekend with a general Disney themed party.  Our kids have been so excited to talk all about Disney characters ever since we returned from our epic September trip which included a visit to Disneyland so the girls were in agreement that they wanted a Disney party!  I still need to blog about that trip because it was outrageously fun!  Enjoy the party photos and Happy Birthday girls - we love our December babies!

D's strawberry flavored Dory cake

D with her cake - 8 is great!

B's delicious chocolate Minnie and Mickey cake that she helped decorate.

Top view

B helping to put in her birthday candles.

My parents bought out a flower store so there were so many amazing fresh flowers throughout the party!

I purchased a bag of party props and they were so much fun to take pictures with.

D loved the ruby red lips.

Aunt Jane and Uncle Bob

D and Blaire


 And my favorite group shot of the party.  You should zoom in on this one - it's awesome!

Hope you are having a fabulous December!  I am almost done with my Christmas shopping...almost!

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