Thursday, December 7, 2017

Snow in Texas

Our Snowy Roof

It snowed today and my kids were more than thrilled, especially B.  She loves her birthday eve present.  It's pretty funny because 12 years ago David and I were headed to the hospital in the middle of an ice storm and then it snowed after she was born - memories.

Baby G right when it began to snow, you can see a few flurries in his hair.

C and G with Stevie dog in the background

Our snowy bushes

B was out there the most, of course!

 A enjoying hot chocolate weather!

 It doesn't snow much in Texas so when it does it always makes for a fun day.  Wherever you are stay safe!

1 comment:

Rose-Marie said...

I had no idea it ever snows in Texas. It looks pretty, and when it is a novelty, it can be fun, too.