Thursday, February 1, 2018

A's 14th Pizza Game Birthday Party

A in front of her birthday chalkboard

Our oldest turned 14 a little over a week ago and we had her pizza/game themed birthday party last weekend.  Sometimes I wish I could stop time just for a bit.  I'm so proud of the woman that A is becoming and I am blessed to be her Mom.  

 I made a name banner and A and B hung up playing cards for decoration - they looked great!

A's Cake - the Ace of Hearts

with candles

Singing Happy Birthday

She blew out the candles!  I love G's face in this photo.

In this photo you can see A, B, C and a few friends (photo credit = Kendra)

If you need a fun idea for a teenage birthday party, pizza and games work great!

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Rose-Marie said...

What a cute theme! I still remember going to friends' pizza birthday parties as a tween/teen! The cake is adorable!