Sunday, July 21, 2019

Happy National Ice Cream Day

Happy National Ice Cream Day!  I hope you had a chance to enjoy your favorite flavor.  If not, you still have time.

G's twist ice cream with M&Ms.

F with a chocolate ice cream cone.

E loves vanilla with sprinkles.

C and D both got twist with gummy bears.

B and her homemade ice cream bowl.

 A and her ice cream bowl.

 A close up view...

Friday, July 19, 2019

Interactive Math Curriculum Notebook K by Crafty Classroom Review

F is officially exiting the PreK realm and diving head first into Kindergarten this year.  I was super excited when I was offered the opportunity to review the Interactive Math Curriculum Notebook K from Crafty Classroom.  We jump started this program this summer and he is really enjoying it!  I plan on finishing the rest of it in the fall as part of F's Math curriculum.  Crafty Classroom doesn't just offer this math option but they have a variety of subjects with fun lessons for tots to 3rd grade.

 Our Curriculum

Our Interactive Math Curriculum Notebook K is a low-prep, hands-on and ready to go digital program.  Most of the consumable pages are printed in black and white while more non-consumable items like charts and games are printed in color.  This is great news for my printer!  I also appreciate that I already have most of the items needed, another win.

Here is a list of items to keep on hand for daily hands-on activities.  Items like cards, dice, Q-tips, etc.

Getting ready to set up daily warm-up folder

One thing that you need to set up for your student is the daily warm-up folder.  You glue two manila file folders together to form a tri-folding folder and attach the appropriate graphics to the folder as shown.  It is fairly easy.

F's assembled daily warm-up folder

Closer view

The daily warm-up folder is used by the student every day for review prior to starting new lessons.  It's a great way to isolate and work on key math skills in very small chunks of time during the year.  This curriculum includes teaching suggestions for the daily warm-ups but it is intended to be fast, unscripted time to connect and work with your student on key math concepts.

Checking out his warm-up folder for the day.

This comprehensive K math curriculum includes a full year of hands-on math lessons, games and activities as well as the previously mentioned warm-up folder and printable math manipulatives.

The appendix is where you will find the printable math manipulatives.

Curriculum Overview

I really like the at-a-glance one page curriculum overview and weekly schedule page (seen above).  You can easily see the topics for every week and corresponding page numbers in the curriculum.  This is super helpful if you need to reprint worksheets.

General Setup

This curriculum is meant to be used 4 days a week for 36 weeks.  Students complete a daily worksheet along with a game or interactive activity.  I like the idea of schooling 4 days a week at this age.

Review Weeks

Every 5 weeks, there are review weeks which allow you to see if your student has mastered the topics covered the previous 4 weeks.  There are fun, online games suggested during these weeks that are used for assessing student skill and for extra math practice.

F's first worksheet of this program.

 F making apple seeds using Q-tips and paint.

Finished worksheet

Another worksheet

Playing the game

 Completing his lesson worksheet

 Finished worksheet

F really likes this program.  It's a good fit for him.  He is enjoying the worksheets.  He does not find them too difficult and he is learning.  I like that the lessons are short, ~ 15 minutes.  It's hard for him to write for long periods of time at this age and these sheets are perfect.  I really like that he gets practice writing his numbers!  I personally really like that the worksheets include ruled handwriting sections so that he has guidance when making his numbers.  F really likes the games and activities that we have done so far.  I'm not surprised as our family is really into games!  I love how they incorporate different skills that he has learned.

F is really looking forward to learning more about time!

I want to mention that before starting this program, your student should have a good foundation in number recognition and number names or it will probably be too difficult to jump in.  Topics that students will cover include number patterns, ordinal numbers, number value, addition, subtraction, counting by 2's/5's/10's, place value, even and odd numbers and more!  Some practical math skills that are covered include counting money, telling time, using a ruler, reading a calendar and more.  I like that it is low prep-work.

This program corresponds with Crafty Classroom's  R.E.A.D. Curriculum Notebook as well but I have not used it myself.  I may look into it for the future.

Check out the fantastic video from Crafty Classroom below to see a complete overview of how the Interactive Math Curriculum Notebook K works.

Click on the banner below to visit the Homeschool Review Crew blog to read more reviews of Crafty Classroom and check out some of their other curriculum options including their R.E.A.D Curriculum Notebook K, R.E.A.D. Curriculum Notebook Gr. 1, Alphabet Curriculum Notebook, Bible ABC Curriculum Notebook, Sight Word of the Week Program, Pattern Block Activity Pack, Fables and Fairy Tales Literacy Unit, and U.S.A. Activity Bundle Pack.

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Monday, July 15, 2019

Chicken, Slurpees and Camp Oh My!

G and I at Typhoon Texas

Last week was a busy week for us.  A, B, C and D were all able to attend Camp David and they had a blast.  I'm so thankful they had this opportunity and I'm so thankful for The Texas Burn Survivor Society and how much they pour into our family.  I'm forever grateful.  The "littles" and I had fun around town including Cow Appreciation Day (yay for free chicken), Free Slurpees (7-11), and a few days at Typhoon Texas.  Enjoy the photos!  Special Note - The photos from Camp David were taken by counselors and others at camp.

 Cow Appreciation Day 2019

Free Slurpee Day 7-11-19

 The theme for Camp David 2019 was Incredible

Fun at the pool

 C learning archery.

D gearing up on the ground for the zip line.

Meal time fun

A with friends

 B won a raffle!

At the dance

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Summer Learning Fun

When I think of summer, I can't help but think of the water - whether it's the beach, the pool, a splash pad, a local water park or sprinklers in our yard, there is so much fun to be had with water.  I also think of unstructured reading time, playing board games, "later" movie nights, catching fireflies, playing ball outside, riding bicycles, blowing bubbles, looking for doodles and other insects, using sidewalk chalk to create masterpieces, creating fun food and working on projects or crafts that we weren't able to complete during the school year.   There are so many ways to have fun with your kids this summer while keeping their love of learning alive.

Sidewalk chalk fun

 Using C's bubble machine in our backyard!

G is getting really good at his tricycle.

- Unstructured reading time.  Encourage your kids to read over the summer and read to them as well.  If you don't have a lot of options at home check out your local library and consider getting some audio books if you have a trip coming up.

Looking forward to staring this with the kids.

- Creating fun food.  What do I mean by this?  Here are some ideas of creations we have made over the years.  Hopefully, it will give you inspiration.

 Beach Inspired lunch

Vegetable Man - my attempt at making eating veggies fun for my kids.

 And who could forget when we make a periodic table of cookies!

- Water balloons.  Water balloons used to take forever to fill up but with the invention of quick fill and self tie water balloons, you can literally have over 100 filled balloon in minutes or less.  One of the best inventions ever.

- Local water park.  We have a great water park within a few miles of our home so the kids have had lots of time there this summer.

Water obstacle course

 Water slide fun

 Making a splash

- You don't have to go to a water park though.  You can visit a local pool, splash pad or set up sprinklers in your own yard.

 Small pool in our backyard


- Crafts and projects.  This is also a great time to work on STEM challenges.  Or maybe you have wanted to teach your kids to sew.  Summer is a great time to explore and create.

- Nature walks and creature I-Spy.  One of F and G's favorite activities is to go on a walk and look for doodles (or pill bugs or rollie pollies).  You never know what treasures you will find.

I hope you have been enjoying your summer.  Ours is going by way too fast.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions too!  Check out other ideas at the link-up below.

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