Friday, January 4, 2019

DIY PEZ Dispenser Shelf

C with his new PEZ shelf

C is a collector.  This boy has been collecting things since he was a tot.  Currently he collects rocks, smashed pennies/quarters, Star Wars ships, mini erasers and PEZ dispensers.  He actually has quite the collection of PEZ.  When we moved he didn't really have a place to put everything.  He had boxes all over.

One of C's PEZ boxes

PEZ candy box

Over the holiday break David and C built a PEZ dispenser holder and it's awesome.  It is a fairly simple design.  Basically shelves with dowels.  

Building the shelf

PEZ shelf going up on the wall

C loading his shelf.

Close up of PEZ dispensers

Everyone is super happy with it, especially C - who now has a great place to display his PEZ and his ships (on top).  This is actually great for me because I can never remember which dispensers he already has but now I can see them - woohoo!  Do your kids collect anything?  I'd love to hear what.

 Completed shelf with dispensers and ships


Desser For Brunch said...
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Eric Gamble said...

Love this Pez Dispenser Shelf! This would work with any sort of toys or figurines too! We used to get Pez Dispensers and candy every year in our Christmas stocking too but I never had as many as your son! That is a lot!

Kathryn said...

Eric - yes!! He has a lot. He has been collecting for years 😉

Crysta Parkinson said...

Oh my goodness, this is such a fun idea! I love creative ways to display the things that bring joy to our lives, and I can tell this is something that for sure brings joy!!!!

FamilySurvival said...

What a great idea and so easy to do. I love that you can also personalize the shelf and make it different colors. It adds a personal touch to the room as well!

Ananya Upadhyay said...

Such a great idea to display toys and stuff! Adds such a nice and personal touch to the room <3

Nella Verde said...

This is such a great idea. A pretty cool way to organize your items

blythe32 said...

How fun. This has me feeling so nostalgic. What a great way to display such a fabulous collection.