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Building Your Homeschool Library with Library and Educational Services LLC Review

One of the beauties of homeschooling for 10+ years is the plethora of rich books that we have acquired over the years to form our very own homeschool library.  I was so excited to find out about Library and Educational Services LLC because it will allow us to add beautiful Reinforced Hardcover Library Binding Nonfiction books to our collection!  They also carry paperbacks including the Who Was? and What Was? series as well as DVDs, CDs, Bibles and more.

L.E.S. is a small family company in Southwest Michigan that has been in business for over 40 years.  As a wholesale distributor they sell to schools (including homeschools!), libraries, churches, specialty stores, missionaries, daycare centers, and ministry leaders.  So home educators can purchase books at wholesale prices!  That means you will save 30-70% (sometimes more) off publishers' list prices every day.  You will have to create an account to shop but the process is fairly simple.  L.E.S. specializes in educational and inspirational items for kids.  As a Christian company, their products are carefully selected to ensure that they are not contradictory to Biblical standards and values.  I really appreciate that.

Our New Books

As part of the Homeschool Review Crew I was blessed with the opportunity to use this service and receive:
  • A title from their Who Was? or What Was? series
  • A CD from the Lifehouse Theater CD's series
  • A selection of books from their Reinforced Hardcover Library Binding Nonfiction books category

What Was the Alamo?

D will be taking a Texas History class in our CoOp this year so I chose to order What Was the Alamo? to add to our library.  The Alamo was a critical turning point in the Texas Revolution.  This book has 80 black-and-white illustrations included as well as a 16 page black-and-white photo insert to help readers learn more about this famous time in Texas history.

D reading our new book

inside the book

Famous Author Set

You can purchase these books individually or even in fun sets like famous authors, sports figures, scientists and innovators, explorers and engineers, etc.  These sets make topical studies a breeze.

Our new audio CD

About the cast

We chose Lifehouse Theater Trapped in Aesop's Fables for our CD.  This is such a fun addition to our library.  In this audio, Henry examines an old, mysterious chest.  He soon discovers the books inside are doorways to other realms - fantasy worlds described in the books.  He is transported into the tales from Aesop's fables.  This audio is ~ 60 minutes long.

To get a feel for this CD and hear a sampling yourself click on the video below.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

It was a bit harder to choose our selection of books from L.E.S.'s  Reinforced Hardcover Library Binding Nonfiction books category because there are so many options to choose from (over 200)!  Categories include Bilingual, Biographies, Careers, Geography, History, Learning, Nature, Science, Social Studies, Sports and Library Books for Grades PreK-12.  These books have reinforced library binding making them very durable and I love that they are priced the same as many paperbacks making them extremely affordable.

Genius Scientists and Their Genius Ideas Set of 5

The binding is done really well!

I am super excited about the Genius Scientist set that we ordered.  This set is recommended for ages 10+ or Grade 5 and up.  It includes books on Isaac Newton, Copernicus, Carl Linnaeus, Aristotle and Antoni van Leeuwenhoek.  This series chronicles the lives and contributions of these great scientists.  They are great for research and reports as well.

Stories in American History Set of 4

We also chose the Stories in American History Set that includes The Amazing Underground Railroad, The Legend of the Alamo, The Secret of the Manhattan Project and Surviving the Oregon Trail.  These books offer in-depth coverage of the event in American history.  This set is recommended for ages 10+ or Grade 5 and up.  These books are great for leisure reading, research and reports.  They include a timeline, chapter notes, further reading list as well as color and black-and-white illustrations.

Baseball Biographies

The last books we received were a set of 2 baseball biographies on Lou Gehrig and Roberto Clemente.  My boys love baseball and I thought these would be a fun addition.  They are recommended for ages 5-9 or grades K-3.

Animal Mega Pack Books

You guys know that I love animals and I have my eye on the Animal Mega Pack books.  There are so many books and products to choose from at Library and Educational Services LLC - children's books, teen books, adult fiction, nonfiction, audio series, DVDs like Drive Thru History (you already know we love these), biographies and more.  And the prices are so good, you might have trouble limiting yourself.  Not a bad problem to have, especially if you are building a library of your own like me.  I highly recommend this company and their services.

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