Monday, May 19, 2008

Berries, Berries & More Berries

Well, the kids and I went to Sweet Berry Farm this morning and were able to pick some strawberries and blackberries. It was a beautiful day and we took the scenic route. I highly recommend it if you can get past the curvy road. We even spotted an armadillo which was a highlight for the girls.

B telling me how to pick a good strawberry :)

I love this picture of A bending down to pick a ripe strawberry.

Yes, even big boy himself was able to pick a few.

The kids enjoying the reward at the end!!

We hosted a birthday celebration for our friend Maura on Saturday night. We had a great time - BBQ, cake & ice cream, and good fellowship. It was great to celebrate together. Here is a picture of David and C in their matching shirts from Hawaii (courtesy of Aunt Jane - thanks Jane!).

Cute shirts!

And yes, despite the fact that most of the invitations have not been mailed we are celebrating Clay's first birthday next Sunday, May 25th at our house. If you are reading this then you are probably invited and feel free to come - we would love to have you!! The party is officially from 4-8pm and we will provide dinner and of course, cake & ice cream. Okay, that's it for now. I cannot believe C is almost 1!!!!

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crayonmommy said...

Yes! We are so excited to come this weekend! :) Hope ya'll have a great week!