Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Camp David 2018

Camp David Campers 2018

I just wanted to thank everyone who donated for the kids to go to Camp David this year.  A few weeks ago A, B, C and D were able to attend Camp David which is run by the Texas Burn Survivor Society.  They had a blast!!  They went swimming, rode horses, fished, rock climbed, zip lined and had the time of their life.  Just wanted to share a few photos.  And thanks again!

Dropping off the older kiddos at camp.

The theme this year at Camp David was choosing kindness.

The kids had a movie night and watched Wonder.

 Enjoying camp

 D fishing

 I love this photo!

 On their way or headed back from swimming.

These photos were taken by counselors and other people at camp, not me.  I so appreciate all the photos that they took and shared with our family.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Update to My Medical Mystery

I found this explanation of PMS on slideshare.  You can read the full slide show here.

When I last left you I was scheduled to have a venogram 3 weeks ago on my right arm.  The results came back negative for TOS.  This was very confusing for me especially when my physical therapist told me she thought I had positional TOS a few days later.  I have been hard at work with physical therapy and I finally had my follow up yesterday with the cardiothoracic vascular surgeon (although, I'm not sure why it took 3 weeks).  He told me that my MRI and venogram results are consistent with Pectoralis Minor Syndrome (which is oftentimes associated with TOS).  I have compression in my right subclavian which is why my right arm has been so swollen.  I am to continue on with physical therapy, try to lose weight (which is suppose to help a lot), and wear a medical compression sleeve for the swelling in my right arm.  I will follow up in 3 months to discuss surgery if needed but hopefully I won't need it and I will be ~20 lbs lighter.  Let me know if you have any suggestions.  Another thing that popped up during this process is that I had to get a mammogram.  I'm 40 and I haven't had one so it's a good thing to do anyway.  The doctor's office called and my initial scan had some issues to I have to return at the end of the week for additional testing.  Hopefully that will all check out okay.  Thanks so much for all your prayers.  I so appreciate them, every one of them!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Timberdoodle Blog Team 2018-2019

I'm so excited to be part of the Timberdoodle Blog Team for another year.  I'm really looking forward to sharing product reviews with you.  You can check out the whole team here and even sign up to see if you would be a great fit too.  Good luck!

Cow Appreciation Day @ Chick-fil-A

Cow Appreciation Day 2018

One of my favorite days is finally here, Cow Appreciation Day 2018!  When you dress up like a cow and wear it to your nearby Chick-fil-A you will receive a free entree between opening and 7pm.  The kids and I dressed up this morning for breakfast before D went to gymnastics.

 My A cow

My B cow with a G photobomb

My C cow

My D cow

My E cow

My F cow

 And Baby G cow

 Waiting for our food.

 Baby G loves Chick-n-Minis

 One of these cows is not like the others...

 All the kids

 Baby G with Mommy

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Pfun at Pflugerville Library

We recently moved and we have had a great time visiting our new library.  The last two times we have been they have had special events - a unicorn dance party and farm day!  The kids enjoyed petting a variety of animals - bunnies, guinea pigs, and the super cute hedgehog.  They also had a tortoise, chicks, and a bearded dragon.  Hope you had a great weekend.

C with the hedgehog and E waiting for an animal.

E with the white bunny.

 Bunny close up

 C with a guinea pig.

 I tried to get a guinea pig close up!


 D with the hedgehog.

Hedgehog close up!