Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Big Boy and What's New

I cannot believe how big C is getting. I have been taking pictures of him the last few days wondering how he got so big. I have some of the cutest pics of him and have to share - hope there aren't too many!! Above he is practicing his cup stacking. He has to be the fastest 15 month old, and look how happy he is :)

Here he is playing outside in the car. Can you say Dukes of Hazard? Why use a door when you have a perfectly good window. I love the way he can think "outside the box."

Just look at that expression!

Things are going well in other news. A is eagerly learning phonics - she is eating it up actually so we will see. B is constantly talking about her birthday coming up so that is fun. We will probably decide on a theme soon even though it is not until December - gotta plan! We have begun to paint our kitchen - it will probably be a long process but I am really enjoying it so far. All the cabinets will be white and we haven't decided on the knobs yet. Here is a progress picture below - it is not finished but you can get an idea. We are going with a nature theme - after all, my dishes are naturewood!

Oh, and David must have cut C's hair last night when I went to the grocery store because it is shorter and it looks great! No more confusion for a girl I hope!!