Thursday, September 22, 2022

Fundraiser for B's National Volleyball Trip

Beverly was blessed to make the Austin Royals Varsity Volleyball this year as a Junior!  With this, she will be headed to the Homeschool National Volleyball Tournament in Iowa at the end of October.  She is super excited and she is raising funds to help her get there.
She has a post-it note fundraiser if you are interested in helping her reach her goal.  All you do is choose a number for an amount that you’d like to support her with.  So if you would like to give $3, you would send her that and she would remove the post-it for that amount (3).  No amount is too small!
How to pay?  If you see us personally you can give cash or check (made out to Beverly Cummins), you can mail a check, or you can give through Venmo (please make a note that says Beverly Nationals).  For those wondering, all funds go directly to Bev for her Nationals trip.  Venmo information below.

We appreciate your time and consideration.   I’m attaching a short video so you can see Bev (#15) play and what you are supporting, she loves the sport so much! GO ROYALS!

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Happy National Neonatal Nurses Day

Many moons ago when we had A, she was sent to the NICU because she was hypoglycemic.  She was there for ten days.  As hard as that was, the nurses in the NICU taught us so much.  We learned skills that we would use for the rest of our children.  I was amazed at the skill, knowledge, and compassion that those nurses had.  I'm so grateful for the care that A received and how it impacted our future family.  Thank you Neonatal Nurses!!

Baby A in the NICU

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Greg Landry's Homeschool Science Membership Review

Disclosure:  I received this complimentary product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW.

Greg Landry's Homeschool Science

I was so excited to receive 6 months access to Greg Landry's Homeschool Science Membership from Greg Landry's Homeschool Science.  We have enjoyed several of Greg's courses over the years and we know what a great resource this is to have in our homeschool!  With this membership we have access to a plethora of online Science courses including Life Prep High School Biology, Life Prep High School Chemistry, Life Prep High School Anatomy & Physiology, Life Prep High School Conceptual Physics, Exercise & Sports Physiology, Marine Science, Biochemistry/Microbiology, Embryology/Endocrinology, Earth & Space Science, Student Success Skills, and many more.  I love that you can use these online science classes for your whole family!

Greg Laundry is a homeschool dad and science teacher who created this program to help homeschooling families with various self-paced science classes.  His classes are Christ-centered and taught by Greg through video lectures and resources.  I really appreciate that everything needed for these courses is provided - PDF of text, student books, etc.

Life Prep High School Chemistry

How are we using this right now?  This year I am teaching High School Chemistry in our weekly CoOp.  I am having a great time refreshing myself with Chemistry concepts using Greg's Life Prep High School Chemistry.  Not only is this great added benefit for me as a teacher but C is in my class and I can have him review concepts and key elements as well.  This is a fantastic resource!
Above you can see some of the Text

There are 26 chapters in this course with 25 video class lectures ranging from 20-30 minutes in length, extremely doable.  There are optional tests and answer keys for them as well.  You can also pair the virtual labs as this course includes a match up for the labs and corresponding lecture videos.  I love the way it is laid out and how it makes Chemistry approachable.

Life Prep High School Physics

Beverly hasn't started yet but I am hoping to have her use the Life Prep High School Physics class as well!  I am loving that we have access to so many great classes.
Want to know more?  Be sure to click on the banner below to visit the Homeschool Review Crew blog to read more reviews of Greg Landry's Homeschool Science Membership.

Online Science Classes

You can engage and learn more by heading over to Greg Landry's Homeschool Science.

Round Rock Express Game

I took C and F to a day baseball game last week.  The Round Rock Express was playing the Sugar Land Space Cowboys.  While we didn't win, we had a great time.  There was an hour rain delay as we got a much needed but unexpected rain shower.  It turned out to be a lovely afternoon.  And both boys ended up with balls, which is always fun.

Friday, September 9, 2022

The Adventum Volume 1 from the Adventum Review

Disclosure:  I received this complimentary product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW.

The Adventum

I was so excited to receive The Adventum, Volume 1 from The Adventum to use with the kids for review!  The Adventum is a new, epic audio adventure of Bible stories!  This chronological dramatization is told as if you were there.

Our pack has 4 individual CDs of ~ 4 hours of playing time

The Adventum, a believable blend of creative adaptation based on the written Scriptures, helps kids want to learn more about the Scriptures and everything that is hidden within!  I really like that our whole family can dive deeper into the Bible together and ultimately find truths.  This story form is fun, engaging and kids look forward to it and that is such an awesome thing.  The music, narration, story is so well done.  We will definitely be looking to purchase other volumes!

Want to know more?  Be sure to click on the banner below to visit the Homeschool Review Crew blog to read even more reviews of The Adventum.

audio bible stories

You can engage with The Adventum on social media @:

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Today Is National Read A Book Day

Here is your friendly reminder.  You still have time!

Timberdoodle's Animals and Their Homes Review

I have a fun product to share with you today from Timberdoodle, Animals and Their Homes.  This kit has six different types of creative activities for your child on the theme of animals and their homes.  Animals and Their Homes is manufactured by Djeco and is geared for children ages 3-6 years old or PreK - 1st Grade.  G has been using it as part of his Art for 1st grade and he has really been enjoying it!

What's included in our kit?

As previously mentioned, there are six different projects that all center around the topic of animals.  All the supplies needed for each project is included and I really appreciate that!  There is also a picture instructional booklet that works as a step-by-step guide for each of the activities.

Activity 1

Materials needed for the first activity
In this activity, G got to color two cats - a boy cat and a girl cat.  He then got to embellish his coloring pages with included stickers.  He really likes the reversible grip crayons.

G working on the first cat

And the second cat after completion

Activity 2

Materials needed for the second activity

In this activity, G got to punch out pieces and glue them onto his craft board to create a collage of a circus puppy.  He followed the picture instructions for which pieces to glue first and followed it up with adding googly eyes and puff balls.
G working on his puppy

A close-up of his circus puppy, he's so cute!
Activity 3

Materials needed for the third activity

In this activity, G got to create two mosaics of a fish and a turtle using stickers.

G is halfway through this kit and as you can see he is really enjoying it.  I really like that he has no issues doing the activities independently.  Animals and Their Homes is currently included in Timberdoodle's Kindergarten curriculum kit and we definitely recommend it.

Disclosure:  Huge shout out to Timberdoodle for selecting me as a Timberdoodle Blogger.  I received Animals and Their Homes in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.