Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas

The kids in their new Christmas Eve jammies!

Every year I get the kids a new pair of pajamas and they get to wear them on Christmas Eve.  I love this tradition.
What our tree looked like on Christmas morning.  And yes, that clock is right 😲.
The kids made a birthday cake for Jesus!  I love this tradition as well.

Our Christmas meal 😋.

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!  I know I did.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Fun with The Elephants - The Elephant Preserve in Texas

Beverly received a very fun and unique birthday gift from one of her friends.  Last month, they went to The Preserve and did the Elephant Experience!  B met the beautiful Asian elephants, learned about their care and conservation, helped give one a bath, and had some fun photo opportunities as well.  What a unique experience!

B and her friend!

Another pose

B has a painting from the gift shop that was done by this elephant (Rosie) so she is posing with the elephant (also the artist).

A close-up of B's painting

What a fun experience!  I'm hoping one day to go myself 😉.  I'm so thankful for good friends.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

B's Sweet 16 Party

B with her cake!
B had a fun sweet 16 party over the weekend.  A bunch of her friends came over and decorated cookies and cupcakes and hung out - she had a blast.  I say it all the time, my kids are growing up fast.

David made B a chocolate cupcake cake and I love the way it came out.

Our food table

Fruit Tray #1

Fruit Tray #2

Some of the many decorated cookies...

And a few of the decorated cupcakes...


I'm so thankful for all the friends that were able to celebrate with us!

Friday, December 10, 2021

Happy 16th B

I blinked and this girl turned 16 a few days ago!  B is so kind and caring, passionate and driven and it has been a true joy to be her Mom.  I absolutely love watching her grow each year.  We love you B! 💖

Sunday, December 5, 2021

D's 12th Balloon Themed Birthday Party

D turned 12 last Friday!

We celebrated her yesterday with a fun "balloon" themed party!  I'm not sure of the exact number of balloons that were in our home but I know it was a lot 🎈😉.

D in the balloon room.

D's strawberry birthday cake.

About to light the candles...

Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us!

D, you make our life more fun in every way and we love you so much!