Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Days Like These

Oh, how can I not love being a Mom on days like these. We have had so much fun this morning. We learned about microscopes, atoms, molecules, pygmy shrews and so much more!!

This was our experiment that proved that water molecules do move.

This is our attempt to see if water and oil mix - the vote was 2 to 1 that they would indeed mix.

A little coloring

And afterwards, it was unanimous, water and oil do not mix (in case you didn't know!). Where was D during all this fun? Well she rolled over and went to sleep. It was too much for her to think about right now.

D sleeping

D proud of herself at tummy time (the hand in the background is A's patting her for encouragement) - she has a few cheerleaders around here

We like to guess who D looks like the most and I like this picture b/c that is a picture of A on the blanket and I think they resemble each other a lot at this age!

Oh, yes, days like these are fun. I wish you all many days like these...