Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our Winter Wonderland

Living in Texas it does not snow very often; it is a rare occurrence.  But yesterday it did!  

 Our front yard in the morning.

 And our back deck, isn't the snow awesome?

The kids had so much fun playing in the snow and building a snowman, which later turned out to be a snowwoman when we named her Sasha.  David had the day off and we just has so much fun as a family being silly and enjoying the unpredictable weather.  David jokes that Texas has two kinds of weather: hot and really hot.

D, C and B.  Not sure why B's coat is unzipped.

A and B posing with Sasha.

B, C and I walked to HEB to get a few groceries yesterday and to check out the neighborhood filled with snow.  It was such a fun time of exploring.

 B on the way to HEB.

C with his awesome football gloves.  He is ready for Sunday!

Yesterday afternoon a neighbor's house also caught on fire!  I have never been so close to a live fire.  The house is going to be a total loss.  The firefighters were able to keep the fire from spreading too much.  The house next door has minimal roof damage but it could have been worse.  It got me thinking, what would I take if our house was on fire and we had to get out.  Of course, my family comes first but after that.  And the only thing that kept coming to my mind were pictures.  Pictures hold so many memories to me and they mean a lot so that is what I would want to salvage.  In the end, everything is just stuff.  There is an old bumper sticker that says you can't take it with you to heaven - and yesterday was a reminder of that to me.

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