Thursday, September 22, 2016

Royal Silverware

We have just over a week until we celebrate Miss E's "Biggie" birthday.  This years theme is everything Princess. 

 I found this super cute idea on Pinterest from!

So, I decided to give it a go.  I love that this is easy, simple and helps make everyday plastic forks more royal!

 Here are the sticker jewels that I selected.

 They are self adhesive so you simply apply them to the forks in whatever pattern you like - super simple.

For out light pink forks I chose to apply white, dark pink and white jewels.

 Easy Peasy

 And then I chose to simply apply one white jewel to our dark pink forks.

 Finished Royal Silverware

I would say that this is a Pinterest Success.  And it's one more thing I'll have ready for the party :).  What do you think?


Julie Wood said...

I really like this idea! Take some colored forks and decorate them. The dollar store has these for a dollar this is not expensive to make. I will be using this idea!

Elena said...

Looks so cute! I love this idea

Kathryn said...

Julie yes! Walmart also has them for $0.97/24 pack as well.