Friday, October 24, 2008

The Camera and Big Boy

Big Boy is really starting to have fun when I pull out my camera :) Can you say photo shoot?? Check out the photos below.

I asked C to sit down and look sideways, seriously, and this is what he did. Natural talent I am telling you!!

And he loves to show off his tongue so this is one for fun.

It just so happens that we are taking the kids tonight to get their pictures taken in their Halloween costumes. I hope that everyone is as cooperative as C this morning. A is going to be Snow White and she is soooo excited because Snow White is a brunette like her. B is going to be Sleeping Beauty and she is equally excited because her dress is pink and that is B's favorite color right now (Hence the reason why we will be having a pink pony party for her birthday in December). And C has opted not to be a princess and he is going to be Squirt the turtle from Nemo.

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Robert S said...

I'm sure David is pretty happy about the not being a princess decision.