Monday, October 27, 2008

Costumes, Shamus, & Fun Oh My

Well, we went and had the kids pictures taken in their costumes - it was the appointment that should have been. Everyone was so happy - for the first hour. Unfortunately they had us wait forever and with three small kids 4 and under that just does not work well. Here are a few photos I snapped before we had meltdowns.

My Squirt

Snow white eating her apple

The princesses together

And yesterday we went to Sea World!!! We had so much fun. And we got to dine with Shamu. It was so cool to see the whales so close. Here are a few photos from Sea World.

The Cummins girls and the flamingos

This sea lion found A and kept put - he wanted her fish

See how close - very cool!!

David helping the girls feed the birds nectar

And I will leave you with C's enthusiasm for Shamu!


Stephanie said...

Wow - looks like that was a lot of fun!

crayonmommy said...

ha hah ahah ! Love em!