Thursday, February 16, 2012

D's Potty Party

Saturday D had her first potty party!  Why do I say first?  Well, this party was to help her get excited about using her potty (woohoo) and we will throw her another party when she is completely trained.  D was selected through House Party to have a Pull-Ups party at our house with all of her potty going friends.

We had a great turn-out with 10 parents and 13 kids (6 different families) rocking to the Potty Dance.  It was so great to not only have the potty goers themselves but parents and older siblings as cheerleaders!

Table of goodies

Love the orange, inflatable guitars

Every family received a Potty Training Success DVD, and inflatable guitar (a favorite among the kids), Valuable Coupons, A Potty Dance Mat (to aid in learning the Potty Dance), Door Hangers, A Potty Progress Report complete with Stickers (Thanks House Party, Pull Ups and Wal-Mart for providing all the goodies)

Most of the party goers: potty goers and cheerleaders included

Friends were practicing good hand washing skills in our play kitchen

What is a party without treats?  B made yummy cupcakes to share.

K practicing her steps and dancing

 D coloring with friends

 We had so many artists, it was great

More coloring fun

 Even baby J had fun coloring (he is not so much a baby anymore now)

 Potty Dance Mat

 D watching the Potty Dance and rocking out with her guitar

 Even E made an appearance at the party (she didn't sleep through this one!)

 S proved to be a fabulous dance

 Mommy and M smiling for the camera

 Fun with decorations
 D with a good friend of mine, so happy

Our very own rendition of the Potty Dance, enjoy!


diane grubbs said...

hi new blog follower :)

Kathy M said...

Looks like a really good party, Love the video!!

Neha said...

This seems like so much fun for the kids and educative too. Such ideas should spread around in India too. Would surely help the kids learn faster and the fun way!