Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter - He is Risen

 A and B at church this morning

Happy Easter Everyone!  Our church has this wonderful tradition of flowering the cross every Easter.  Families are asked to bring flowers and they always have flowers available at church for those who weren't able to get some or forgot.  I finally remembered to get a photo this year.  Isn't it lovely?

 C and D creating

While the kids were sleeping last week I boiled 4 dozen eggs!  We had a lot of fun dyeing them together.

 Helping D with hers!

A and B are color pros when it comes to eggs.

Yesterday we were able to take the kiddos to a few local egg hunts.  They had a lot of fun and as you will see, found a ton of eggs.  They also jumped in bounce houses, had their faces painted, and visited with old friends and met new ones.

 A with her basket

D was Ladybug Girl

And we made our traditional Resurrection Rolls.  We love these!  You take a large marshmallow (which represents Jesus) and cover it in melted butter (you are anointing Jesus with oil).  Then you coat the marshmallow with cinnamon sugar (cover Jesus in spices).  

 Cover the marshmallow completely

Then you completely cover the marshmallow in a triangular crescent roll (you are wrapping Jesus in the burial cloth).  This is the key step - you want the marshmallow completely sealed!!  

 A sealed roll

Then we take the completed roll and dip it in melted butter and coat it in cinnamon sugar for extra yumminess.  

 Going into the oven

Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.  If the rolls were sealed, when you cut them in the middle you will have an empty tomb of where Jesus (the marshmallow) used to be.  Our kids love this and of course it taste delicious.

 Out of the oven

 Cut open and empty inside

Even E loved them!

Hope you had a great Easter!  He is Risen :).


Veronica Lee said...

Yes, He has indeed risen!!!!

Lovely pics!!!

Happy Easter!

Shanay Worthy said...

That food looks really good.

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