Thursday, May 9, 2013

DIY Burlap Banners & Giraffe Cake

Remember how I told you that I co-hosted a baby shower last weekend with 3 lovely ladies?
Here we are in our matching hostess aprons!  We were also all given a homemade chocolate pie with our very own new pie dish.  Thanks so much Jenn!

The theme was burlap and baby animals with a centering on giraffes.  I wanted to show you some of the decorations that I made.  You will see a bit of my crafty side come out in this one!

 Baby Burlap Banner

For all my banners I just cut out burlap into triangles, printed letters off my computer onto computer paper and placed the letters behind the burlap and used white paint to paint them directly onto the burlap.  Make sure to have some kind of backing behind your burlap as some paint will seep through.  Then for this one I took two different types of giraffe fabric and tied pieces in between the letters.  Super easy.  I hot glued twine to the back of each banner and left extra twine to make sure they would be easy to hang.

Name banner with additional hearts.  I made the hearts removable in case my friend wanted to put this up in her nursery.

The GIFTS table.  I can reuse this banner at all my parties!  Isn't my friend lovely?

I wish I had a better photo of this one.  This is the it's a boy banner!  I used giraffe felt to add a few extra triangles.  I also made the ETHAN buckets on top of the mantel, galvanized buckets with twine and chalkboard labels.  

You know how much David and I like to bake.  We had the privilege of making the cake.  We made a giraffe of course!  

I found some super cute burlap photo paper at Michael's and lined the cake board with that.

We baked a 13 x 9 cake and cute the cake to form the giraffe shape.

 All the spots and embellishments were made with tootsie rolls!

 This photo gives you an idea of the height - it was hard to capture all of it in one photo.

 And a side view, what do you think?


Steph @ Three Loud Kids! said...

That cake is INCREDIBLE! I cant believe you made it!

James Franklin said...

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