Sunday, October 6, 2013

E's Winnie The Pooh Party - Happy 2nd Birthday!

The Birthday Girl

Yesterday we celebrated E's 2nd birthday!  It is always fun when you can throw a party on your actual birthday!  Her theme was Winnie the Pooh.  She loves Pooh and Friends.

 I found some fun Pooh plates and napkins on-line.

The Food Spread - Pinterest has some great ideas.  David helped me make some cute signs and we used cut wood for card holders.

 Bee Honeycombs (cereal)

Owl Cupcakes - I am super pleased with how these turned out.

Piglets in Blankets with "Hunny" Mustard Dipping Sauce

Tigger Tails - puffy Cheetos

Rabbit's Garden - Fruit and Veggies

The drink station - Pooh Punch, Water and Juice Boxes

Winnie The Pooh Cake - again, David did awesome!

 I made this Pooh Banner for E.

Eeyore's Party Favors - Bear containers filled with Gummy Bears or Teddy Grahams
(These were a hit!)

 Birthday Girl with her cake!

 And Tigger D made an appearance!

We had so much fun!  Thanks to everyone who was able to come and celebrate our sweet E.  I tried really hard to get photos of all the adults and kids playing (we had a great turn out) but I didn't think my candid photos came out very well - sorry everyone.  Last night when E went to bed she was singing herself the Happy Birthday Song - I think she had a great day :).


Sarah Karandy said...

This was a great idea for a party! Thanks for sharing!

Jessica Harlow said...

I love the Tigger Tails and Honey Combs! That's so creative! Very cute birthday party!

Parenting Patch said...

How darling! Happy birthday to her!

Momma Lew said...

Happy Birthday! What an adorable party! So creative!!!