Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Crafts and Table Display with Dollar Tree

I don't know about you but Dollar Tree is a hot shopping spot for my family.  We visit Dollar Tree for just about every party we have, and we have lots of parties.  Our kids buy birthday presents for their siblings there because they find great items that fit their budget.  We always get Mylar balloons there, only $1!  Everything's $1.....So Everybody Leaves Happy.

Today, I want to show you my new Fall table.  Everything came from and can be found at Dollar Tree, which also means that it is super budget friendly.

The first thing I did was cut some cardboard letters.  I chose to spell out FALL.  Then I took the floral moss and applied it to the letters using my hot glue gun, easy peasy.

 Here I am halfway finished with the F.

 I started applying candy corn using my hot glue gun.

Next, I started my two sided wreath.  One side is layered candy corn and the other side is floral moss.  I like the idea of having a two sided wreath that can be displayed with the candy corn side or the moss side.

I went around and around with the candy corn.

Then, I started to layer it.

Now apply the moss to the back side.

The moss side

My finished wreath!

My wall display together.

 No lid

Next, I cut off the stem of a pumpkin to make a vase.  I arranged the Fall flowers in the pumpkin vase and that was it.  This was super fast.

So pretty.  I think this would be a fun thing to take to a friend just to say hi or hope you are having a great day!

Under the lettering

 Cutting the pumpkins in half

Lastly, I decided to make pumpkin lids for my drink dispensers.  I simply cut the pumpkins in half using a large knife (be careful).  I applied a thin layer of scotch tape along the bottom edge of the pumpkin so no Styrofoam would drop into my drinks.

 Pumpkin halves

 I set the pumpkin lids on my dispenser.

 And here is the dispenser with tea and lemonade.

So, what do you think?  Are you looking to make a Fall display?  Dollar Tree is your one stop shop for everything you need for a Fall party!

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Disclosure:  Thanks so much to Dollar Tree for sending me items to facilitate this post.  I seriously love your store and hope to work with you again in the future!  All opinions expressed are my own.


Steph @ Three Loud Kids! said...

Super cute ideas, I really love the flower arrangements!

Leslie said...

Great ideas! I wish I was crafty! I never think of these cute type things. Good to know I can do stuff like this cheap :)

Alysia Casteels said...

Wow, such a great bunch of ideas! That little candy corn wreath is adorable. It's funny how such small touches in the house can make all the difference.

I did a fall display recently, with a mason jar...haha, Dollar Tree is where I went too! :P

Holly S. said...

So cute! I love that wreath! I hit Dollar Tree to fill up out good behavior "treasure box".

Femme Fitale Fit Club said...

This is so creative.

Pauline Cabrera said...

Wow, you guys are creative! Love it.

Pauline Cabrera said...
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Clancy Cash Harrison MS, RD, LDN said...

You are so creative! I love the pumpkin tops to the drink dispensers- that is such a unique idea.

Erinn Sluka said...

Love the Candy corn wreath! Great ideas

Lucero De La Tierra said...

That is a super cute party decoration idea. It blows me away the ideas people come up with to decorate their homes and for events. I get overwhelmed trying to figure out what looks good together in a room or a place setting. Makeup and clothes are something else, but a home or even a room overwhelms me.

We Are Earthformed

Danielle said...

Awwww! That wreath and the way you did the covers for the pitchers! SO CUTE!

Kathryn said...

Thanks Everyone! Holly, I have a math prize box that my kids love :).