Tuesday, January 9, 2018

F's Biggie Space Themed Birthday Party

Birthday Boys - F had his party on Uncle Kent's Birthday!

We had F's space themed birthday party over the weekend and it was so much fun.  We had a petting zoo set up in our front yard and the animals were a hit.  F liked the bunnies the best.  I thought the baby pigs were adorable and the chickens kept everyone entertained.

Enjoying his petting zoo.

F posing with the sheep.  

They look like goats but apparently they are a hybrid and actually sheep.


I enjoyed when the bunnies stood up on two legs.

Baby G loved the animals!

B petting the bunnies.

The bunnies and the pigs.

A baby pig enjoying a belly rub.

My favorite chicken.


Baby G

My view in the petting zoo 💙

Me with the birthday boy!

Our birthday chalkboard

Our party food table

We served Moon Pies.

Milky Ways

GoGo Squeez - my kids love these!

Fun party plates, you can see the Starburst bowl nearby.

I decorated the table with space figures.

F posing with inflatable astronauts.

Party drinks

 Astronaut Ice Cream and Strawberries and Bananas

Toy Rocket Ship

F's Rocket Ship Cake

David did a great job with the cake!

 Blowing out his candles

 I think F had a fabulous birthday to remember.  We really enjoyed having his party space theme!

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Rose-Marie said...

Wow that is a fantastic idea! And the sheep does look like a goat. The baby pig is so cute. I had a goat and a couple of chickens, a 4H gal used to help me with them. Kids love them.