Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Getaway

David and I were able to get away this weekend without the kiddos. We haven't gotten to go away just the two us at night without the kids since I was ~ 5 months pregnant with B so this was a lot of fun! Of course the time was too short.

We went to a place called Creekside Cabins just outside of Marble Falls. We stayed in the Victorian Cabin. Here are a few pics of the place.

The Victorian Cottage

The dining area - great windows!

A sitting area - after you walk in

A picture of the creek - down by the main property

We had a great time and will probably go back if we get the opportunity. We would even consider taking the kids but we would not stay in the Victorian Cottage - we would stay in one of the other two cabins. If anyone needs a getaway and want to know more about Creekside Cabins feel free to ask!

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crayonmommy said...

Very pretty! Glad ya'll had some couple time, that is always good. Love ya'll!